Happy Spring Everyone!

It has been an honor and pleasure to be on your horse’s Wellness Team.

Our commitment to you and your horse: we continue our studies to keep up with latest research and tools. A focus for us is always to help you listen to and observe your horse and offer the right targeted therapies from our ‘toolbox’. We are very good at collaborating with your trainer, vet, chiropractor, farrier and all other care-givers. At the end of the day nothing matters more than the comfort of your horse and longevity in all you do together!


· We have been using the RSI ‘Iron Foot’ PEMF leg and foot mat with great success and have added that to our menu of modalities


· After having demo’d one PEMF full body therapy unit, we are awaiting arrival of a new unit that meets with FEI approval for frequency settings. Stay tuned; this is an exciting treatment modality that will help keep your horses performing at their best and most comfortable!


· You have probably all experienced our balance pad demo. If not, let me know; you will easily feel how this yoga-like exercise can effect posture which very definitely can have a positive effect on how your horse moves and propriocepts. Proper movement equals better joint health and longevity.

We continue to have great results with and offer LED Light Therapy for extra help with releasing spasms or just an overall balancing and relaxation response.

*See our 'Services' page for full descriptions and our 'Bookshelf' page for supporting research on adjunctive therapies



· We are working with ‘Cavanti’ software for practitioners enabling us to offer our reports electronically and therefore forward and collaborate more easily as well as keep history.


· Our new website will continue to bring you news, latest research links and articles to keep you up to speed with our services. We always welcome photos for our gallery and of course, success stories!



· I am very excited to announce that Courtney Pietrowicz, Certified Massage Therapist, has joined Partners In Performance! Courtney came to me seven years ago for mentorship and practical field coursework while attending Bancroft School of Massage. A lifelong horsewoman herself, she shares the Partners In Performance commitment of excellence in bringing our best to each individual horse and just as important; ongoing study and participation in our industry. See our new website for Courtney’s story.


We thank you sincerely for the opportunity to be a Partner in Performance with you and your horse!


Yours in Health and Wellness!