"One other element to Allen's success was the use of an equine massage therapist to keep Spook feeling the best he could. Every horse that competes in Reining experiences both muscular and skeletal wear and tear that over time can start to affect results in the show pen. Kim Friedgen of Partners in Performance delivered massage therapy to Spook when Allen was able to come off the road long enough for an appointment. 'I believe that equine massage therapy definitely improves performance and helps prevent injry,' stated Allen."

- qtd. Tori Thomas, NRHA Reiner, 2014. 

Chris Allan.jpeg

Chris Allen, NRHA Non Pro Prime Time World Champion

Before & After

Junior BEFORE - no LATS.jpg

'Junior' is a well-loved and attended gelding trained for pleasure and driving.  When we met him, his vet team and owner were discussing ways to put weight on him.  If you look at his 'before' photo you can see why the concern.  When evaluating Junior's conformation, muscle distribution and movement we noted a profound difference between the over-muscling of his whole front end and the lack of muscling, (both hypertonic and atrophied) from his mid-thoracic region hindward.   In motion Junior pulled himself with no engagement behind.  Junior presented ane of the best examples we have ever seen of how adaptive horses are.  As prey animals a horse will find a way to motor on with whatever they have and present a picture of ability to move with the rest of the herd.  Junior was no exception and with a strong work ethic and heart of gold was eager to go for drives and trail rides.  With months of regular sessions to work myofascial releases, chronic intercostal and ribhead spasms, gentle stretching and ROM work and then gymnastics, Junior's topline was gained back and he began to build and round out.  He has since improved even further with turnout in a large hilly pasture in charge of a band of mares.  Junior presents a picture of total strength and balance throughout his entire body.

Junior After.jpg


"Kim is truly the most gifted equine therapist I have had the honor of meeting and working with. My horses love her, the immediate improvement in my horses physically and emotionally is unbelievable. Kim has a kindness and knowledge that raises the whole barn up when she comes. The horses call out to her to take them out of their stalls and work on them. Is there any better testimonial than that?"


-Jenna H. 


I wanted to thank you for your massage work on Hailey. It has made such an incredible difference in our rides. Before, she was extremely tight and sensitive in her neck, back, and hind end. Getting her to bend and flex was a constant battle and I could tell she was trying but it was so difficult for her. I saw and felt such a huge difference after our first appointment. It was truly like riding a different horse - she feels much looser and more flexible, relaxed, and willing. She warms up much more quickly. It is amazing to watch you work and see how much the horses enjoy it. I recommend your work to all of my equestrian friends. Thank you again!"