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Kim Friedgen


Kim brings a rare, “wholistic” and collaborative approach to each individual horse in her practice.


A lifelong horsewoman who grew up in 4-H studying Hippology, Judging and Horsemanship, Kim was always the geeky kid with time only for her horses and study. Her resume includes participating as a youth on winning horse judging teams, and later becoming a team judging coach with teams participating very successfully at the national level.


This experience led Kim to apply that knowledge of form and function to her studies of Equine bodywork, biomechanics, and ergonomics, to bring a highly trained eye, insightful gymnastic solutions, and the ability to always make a difference for each horse in her care.


Having competed through the years in disciplines ranging from jumping, equitation, competitive trail and endurance riding, Gymkhana, Reining, and working with cows, Kim possesses a unique understanding of keeping horses conditioned and sound from the ground up.


With over 30 years of practical experience and study of Equine bodywork & biomechanics, Kim holds certification as an ESMT from Equissage of Virginia, and from the AOPP as a certified PEMF Professional. Her foundation of study began with the teachings of Jack Meagher, who is considered the father of Sports Massage. Her library of study includes the works of Dr. James Rooney, Jean-Marie Denoix, Betsy Uhl, DVM, PhD, Jec Aristotle Ballou, Helle Katrine Kleven  to name a few. She firmly believes you can learn something from everyone and constantly seeks out current scientific knowledge to bring to the table. She has completed and scored 100% on FEI Campus coursework in Equine Anatomy and Physiology.

Courtney Walker

Courtney always had a passion for horses and her dream came true when her Morgan mare came into her life. As a three-year-old, Midnight Mischief, “Missy”, taught Courtney a great deal about patience, balance, consistency, and determination. The green pair grew together and competed in hunter/jumper and dressage arenas around New England. The two took a liking to dressage and continued training and showing during their younger years.  

An unfortunate event resulted in an injury to Missy's neck. A large part of her rehabilitation program included massage therapy which did wonders for her progress and served as an inspiration to pursue a certification in the field.


Courtney earned her certification in Equine Massage Therapy from Bancroft University’s School of Massage Therapy. Part of the process included clinical field work where Kim came in. Kim provided a collaborative mentorship focused on broadening Courtney’s knowledge and technique.  

A few years later, Courtney graduated with a Bachelor of Science in education from CCSU. There, Courtney built relationships and competed on the school’s IHSA team where she was introduced to several training barns and developed partnerships that still stand today.

In 2017, Courtney began her career as a high school teacher. Since, she completed a Master’s in Educational Technology at CCSU. She continues to broaden her education and is currently working on a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Saint Joseph.

Courtney’s career aspirations always included horses. As a teacher, her lifestyle provides the flexibility to provide massage therapy during the school year and the peak of show season in the summer. She is very excited to continue to work with her friend, former mentor, and new business partner, Kim.

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